E.J. Dionne Pens a Phony Whodunnit

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Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne last week declared the Tea Party dead. Now, the speechwriter in me is tempted to name-check Mark Twain: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” The problem is, no one else reported it. That’s because, hello, the Tea Party movement is alive and thriving. It contributed to Scott Brown’s shocking Senate victory in 2010 and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s recall win in 2012. It was the driving...

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Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give A Damn About This Debate

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At long last, we are past the debate stage of the presidential campaign. Three up and three down. Now we can look forward to Election Day, when the voters decide who gets to be President of Ohio and Virginia. Wait a sec — what? There’s another debate? Get out. For reals? Why? We already saw Mitt’s Rocky Mountain High and Barack’s Long Island Ice-T comeback. In between, we mooned over Paul Ryan’s sad eyes and Joe Biden’s mad sighs....

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Mitt Romney and the 47 Percent Solution

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Arlen Specter’s death last week at age 82 got me thinking of my own career in politics, which began with a summer internship at the senator’s office in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All I remember, frankly, is xeroxing some newspaper articles. That’s because I quit a week later to earn big bucks pumping gas and peddling dried-out fried chicken parts at a roadside convenience store. I didn’t make much money that year — in fact, I made so...

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Did Obama Lose? It’s Debatable.

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JIM LEHRER: Hello, I’m Jim Lehrer of PBS, home of the Muppets. Please don’t defund us. Welcome to the debate over why President Obama did so poorly in the debate. We have the finest Democratic strategists and liberal pundits here tonight, and they’re ready to rumble. Please, audience, no snoring or other loud sounds. The participants have been briefed on my penetrating interrogation techniques, so they are ready for anything. Question one:...

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Moderation In The Pursuit Of Debates Is No Virtue

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NOTE: This was published by Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com on October 3, 2012. The presidential debate offers a rare opportunity to rise above the usual campaign froth and spin. It’s a nationwide job interview where each participant will try to put their best foot forward without getting it anywhere near their mouth. It is not a cliché to call it a make-or-break moment. It’s important for the candidates, too. Let’s not kid...

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