“Ain’t Nothin’ But an RG3 Thang”

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(feat. Shan Hanny Hann) [RG3] One, two, three and to the four, Shan Hanny Hann and RG3 are at the door, Ready to blow a lead or get blown out in the first quarter, Then blame the refs and whine to a reporter. Gimme the ball Mike, so I can pick-six like a Lotto, Throwing on my back foot instead of running like I oughta. Ain’t nothin’ but an RG thang baby! Three first round picks, that’s crazy! Dan Snyder is the midget that pays me! Got an...

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President Obama’s Press Conference on the Affordable Care Act

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NOTE: This piece was published by the Huffington Post on November 15, 2013. PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you. It’s been six weeks since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s new marketplace was open for business. And business is booming! In the first month, 106,000 people have successfully signed up to get covered. This is about one-tenth of one percent of those who actually logged on to the website. I am confident that,...

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