In December, CURRENT TV, owned by Al Gore, features a marathon week-long deconstruction of holiday myths:

“Santa Fraud” uncovers the longtime Christmas icon’s true purpose, as a front for corporate toy makers and their overseas sweatshops.

“No, Virginia” features host Bill Moyers telling young children to believe in themselves, not in a jolly old elf spreading the disease of consumerism. Bring a hankie, there will be tears.

“Letters to the North Pool” is a searing look at the devastating effects of climate change on Santa’s fictional home, perpetrated by the real “heat miser,” capitalism.

“Ho Ho Ho!” shines a bright light on the misogynist advertising agencies that exploit and abuse women for holiday profit. Mad men indeed.

“White Christmas” reveals the awful truth about the holiday music industry, which for generations blacklisted African American talent. Narrated by Ken Burns.

“Miracle on 34 Streets” is a touching meditation on the Occupy Wall Street movement and its inspiring tent cities. For Mature audiences only (contains nudity, profanity and sexual situations)

“I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus” is a heartwarming holiday tale of tolerance with a twist ending — don’t ask and we won’t tell!

“Father Christmas” tells the story of Janice, a single mom on the run from a deadbeat dad with a gun. First aired on the Lifetime Network.

“Lump of Coal” examines the environmentally destructive practice of mountaintop removal mining. Preceded by a cartoon short, “Frack You!” starring Matt Damon.

“NO Christmas Tree” celebrates the Earth First! activists who spike old-growth trees to send a message to Big Lumber.

Finally, “An Obama Holiday Spectacular!” follows the fabulous First Family as they prepare for a dazzling and wonderful White House holiday celebration. Taylor Swift, Aretha Franklin and Jay-Z star.